Luke Bryan Grants Special Wish for 9-Year-Old Superfan Battling Cancer

Luke Bryan took some time before a recent concert to meet with a very special young fan.

9-year-old Addie Keegan is one of Bryan's biggest fans, and she's been battling cancer since she was a toddler. Keegan has always wanted to go see Bryan in concert. Well, she finally made it to one of his shows in Ohio and Bryan and A Special Wish Cleveland helped make the experience extra special.

A Special Wish Cleveland provided transportation for Keegan and her family. Plus, she got to meet her idol backstage before the concert.

Bryan hung out and chatted with Keegan, asking her about how old she is and what her favorite song is. Keegan told him that her favorite song is "Play it Again." Bryan she suggested Keegan pay attention during the show. Why? He paused during the set to dedicate the song to her.

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Understandably, Keegan seemed overwhelmed with the proximity of her favorite singer. She'll probably remember the gracious gesture for the rest of her life.

On Bryan's part, he seems genuinely interested in meeting Keegan and seeing her smile. It's one reason he has such a loyal fan base; Bryan is a humble, genuine guy.

Bryan knows all about overcoming hardships and succeeding in the face of tragedy. It's left him with a huge appreciation for life. Likewise, he's an advocate for chasing your dreams. It seems like that's a message Bryan hopes to pass on to fans, especially young ones like Keegan.

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