10 Best Luke Bryan Songs

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Luke Bryan's career has spanned five studio albums, garnering him more than 20 major awards and multiple hit singles.

Bryan's been a constant fixture on the radio since his debut album, I'll Stay Me, and he's loved just as much as he is hated in the world of country music.

That doesn't seem to bother the singer, however, because if you look at Bryan's discography there's a common theme: Sometimes life is heartbreaking, but we might as well try to have some fun.

With that being said, here's a list of the 10 best Luke Bryan songs out there now.

10. "Strip It Down"


The most mature Luke Bryan has sounded in years, "Strip It Down" is the second single from Kill the Lights. That album contains more adult themes than his earlier efforts, and this sultry, adult love ballad proves he has more up his sleeve than party anthems.

9. "Drink a Beer"


One of his more deceptive songs, this one sounds like it's going to be a breakup song until the chorus hits. Then you realize it's all about grief and loss, and Bryan accesses the melancholy tinge that's become a hallmark in his music.

8. "Drunk On You"


This was the country summer jam of 2012, and it came at the peak of Luke Bryan's popularity for Tailgates and Tanlines. Listen to the intro and try to get that chorus out of your head.

7. "Rain is a Good Thing"


One of the first songs that catapulted him into the spotlight, "Rain Is a Good Thing" showcased Bryan's sound early on. Partying, farming, and a good time-- the elements are all there.

6. "All My Friends Say"


I'll Stay Me shows an earlier, more sonically diverse Luke Bryan than the one we see today. The subject matter of "All My Friends Say" is what we'd all remember, but this song about things getting foggy the night before sounds so happy and raucous, it wouldn't fit in on his later discography.

5. "We Rode In Trucks"


A lot of Bryan's older stuff is more concerned with small-town and country values than partying and drinking. This single from I'll Stay Me highlights the good qualities of growing up in a small town.

4. "Country Girl (Shake It For Me)"


This was the first single from Tailgates and Tanlines, and "Country Girl" announced Bryan as the perennial favorite for country party jams. It's still a live favorite no matter where he goes.

3. "Home Alone Tonight"


"Home Alone Tonight" could only exist in this decade, right here, right now. Bryan perfectly captures the emotions that many members of the technology generation go through in search of romance. Sometimes that includes hooking up with someone at a bar and sending a picture of your newly found acquaintance to your ex. This song might not be relevant decades from now, but it's relevant right now, and that's what lands it on this list of best Luke Bryan songs.

2. "Someone Else Calling You Baby"


This is another one of Bryan's early songs, a hint at the many breakup anthems to come. "Someone Else" seems sadder than all the others, though. Maybe it's the pain of not knowing how someone else feels about you.

1."Take My Drunk Ass Home"


"Take My Drunk Ass Home" is quintessential Luke Bryan. This song comes from one of his many "Spring Break" mixes, which highlight typical Bryanian subject matter such as partying on the beach drinking on the beach and hooking up on the beach. This one just might be the most fun one of the bunch. And in the end, that's all Bryan is trying to accomplish. He just wants everyone to have some fun.

This post was originally published in February 2016.

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10 Best Luke Bryan Songs