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This Texan Wrote the World’s Largest Signature with Miles of Trees

If you ever find yourself flying over the eastern Texas town of Smithville, keep your eyes open for the word "Luecke." A creative landowner by the name of Luecke has created an impressive three-mile-long signature in his trees.

This span of specifically-planted trees is now noted as the "largest signature in the world." To put this creative feat into perspective, each letter stretches thousands of feet! According to Atlas Obscura, the land is owned by Jimmie Luecke and he wants everyone to know it. The unique visual is actually even turning out to be pretty useful.

The U.S. government stumbled upon the signature, and now they're putting it to use to test the abilities of their satellite images. "By clearing forest so that a pattern would be visible to landing aircraft, a landowner outside Austin, Texas created a target that is also useful for evaluating spatial resolution of astronaut photographs," NASA said in a statement.

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Some believe that Luecke may have also selected this creative setup as a way of "alley cropping." This method of using long strips of trees to divide land can help to eliminate soil erosion problems.

Whatever the reason may be, it's safe to say Luecke's creation is pretty awesome. Excuse me while I book a flight from Houston to Austin to get a cool shot for Instagram.

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