LongHorn Steakhouse

LongHorn Steakhouse Debuts Its Own Single Barrel Bourbon

Starting on October 8th, steak fans and bourbon lovers can unite at LongHorn Steakhouse and enjoy their favorites side-by-side. LongHorn Steakhouse, known for their variety of quality steakhouse cuts, has partnered with Knob Creek to create their very own LongHorn Steakhouse Bourbon, an all-new straight bourbon whiskey. The bottles, which were hand-selected and bottled specifically for LongHorn, will be available at all restaurants nationwide. Giddy up.

Aptly named, The LongHorn Single Barrel Bourbon had a bold and smoky flavor profile that pairs perfectly with LongHorn salmon fillets, freshly grilled ribeyes and even baby back ribs. Guests can enjoy flavor notes of rich caramel, sweet oak, subtle smoke, warm baking spice, fig, and tea leaves while sipping on this fine bourbon.

longhorn steakhouse bourbon

LongHorn Steakhouse

With age comes wisdom, and this bourbon was cask-aged for a minimum of nine years, however, some of the bourbons could be as old as fourteen. And with a proof of 120, this smooth sipping liquor is perfect on its own or in a signature LongHorn Old Fashioned. The steakhouse's classic cocktail features the bourbon along with Angostura bitters, an Italian Amarena cherre and a two-inch ice rock made with a specialty ice mold.

The LongHorn Single Barrel Reserve is the first partnership with Knob Creek, which is produced by Beam Suntory who, you guessed it, also produces Jim Beam bourbon whiskey. LongHorn's beverage experts visited the Kentucky distillery to hand-select an entire section of one of the Knob Creek's rackhouses, which contained more than 200 individual casks. 

At the 500 LongHorn Steakhouses across the country guests can expect fresh, never frozen, boldly seasoned and expertly grilled steaks served in a relaxed, warm atmosphere. The LongHorn Single Barrel Reserve starts at $8.49 served straight or in the LongHorn Old Fashioned, so grab a menu and pick out your favorite cut of steak and wash it down with a beautiful bourbon.