Ina Garten Has Engagement Chicken, but Ree Drummond Has Engagement Ribeye

It's no secret that one of the Barefoot Contessa's best recipes is her Engagement Roast Chicken, from which there are countless stories of a proposal coming only days after it was placed on the dinner table. However, if Ina Garten has Engagement Roast Chicken, then the Pioneer Woman has Engagement Ribeye Steak and we're here to tell you just how amazing and simple it is.

After years of perusing so-called 'Engagement recipes', there are three things they all have in common: they are simple to make, the ingredient list isn't too long, and they are more decadent than a traditional weeknight dinner. One of the very first blog posts (May 30, 2007!) on The Pioneer Woman blog, "How to Cook a Steak" is an excellent example of Ree's ability to give a cooking tutorial with personality.

So here are the things you need to gather beforehand:

  • Iron grill pan or cast iron skillet
  • Boneless ribeyes with "good marbling" 
  • Lawry's Seasoned Salt
  • McCormick Lemon Pepper
  • A stick of salted butter

Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, that is it! Of course if you need a few side, we recommend a few of our favorite dishes at the bottom. However, let's get back to this Engagement Ribeye.

To ensure your steaks build up a good crust, you'll want your pan set to medium-high heat just like Ree Drummond. While you could sub in freshly ground black pepper if you're not a fan of the lemon pepper, I prefer the citrus hint from the lemon when it combines with olive oil.

When cooking steak, make sure you don't fiddle with it too much on the cooking surface. Of course we all like to make sure it's browning properly, but the fact of the matter is that you'll lose that crisp sear if you play with it too much!

For the full recipe from the Pioneer Woman, check it out here.

Engagement Ribeye: An Explanation

So why is this on par with Ina's Engagement Roast Chicken? Well, as Ree writes, there are six possible scenarios if the aforementioned instructions are perfectly followed:

1. If you cook it for your boyfriend, he will propose to you.
2. If you cook it for your girlfriend, she will give you a ninety-minute foot rub.
3. If you cook it for your husband, he will tell you he can't imagine being married to anyone else in the world.
4. If you cook it for your wife, she will give you a ninety-minute foot rub.
5. If you cook it for yourself, you'll decide you don't need no stinkin' spouse.
6. If you cook it for your friends, they'll never invite you over to their house for dinner again. You will have permanently raised the bar.

All of those sound like good outcomes, including when happens when you cook it for yourself! We love Ree for her humor and good-natured sense of fun, not just because she's on Food Network, y'all!

Round Out the Menu

So if you're aiming for this decadent and incredibly simple meal, here's the menu we suggest serving alongside it.

The Pre-Dinner Cocktail: Cherry Bourbon Cokes


Nope, this isn't your standard bourbon drink. It's helped out by grenadine and fresh cherry juice, making it fresh and palatable.

The Easy Appetizer: Hot and Spicy Chex Mix


You're about to throw down in the kitchen with steak, so the best appetizer choice is something that's handheld and snackable. Like our Hot and Spicy Chex Mix.

The Gourmet Side Dish: Goat Cheese and Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes


I might even go as far to say that this is our Engagement Mashed Potatoes recipe, but you'll see for yourself soon enough.

The Perfect Vegetable: Pear Roasted Carrots


Time and time again, I hear from readers who swear by this recipe. While our Test Kitchen lead, Lyndsay, knew it would be a hit, it's unbelievable how popular it is.

The Finishing Dessert: One Bowl Chocolate Cake


You've whipped up an entire delicious meal, so don't sacrifice more dirty dishes for a decadent chocolate cake with this one-bowl recipe that never fails.

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