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LoCash's Lyric Video for 'Ring on Every Finger' Will Make You Go 'Awww'

LoCash just debuted their new lyric video for the song "Ring On Every Finger," and it's a good 'un. While most lyric videos nowadays are high-quality enough to be full on music videos, the duo opted for a different style.

Using real life footage, LoCash compiled some of the internet's sweetest marriage proposals. And the result will make even the coldest hearts go "awww."

Since the dawn of YouTube, folks got really creative with their proposals. Some of the featured moments include skydiving and firefighters climbing ladders. Other slightly less adventurous proposals still capture the moment just right, too.

Sports proposals, nature proposals. Heck, even some of the proposals utilize the help of police officers. All the while, LoCash's catchy new tune sets the stage.

"I ain't getting down on one knee, girl I'm getting on two," the pair sing. The slick, poppy production feels a bit like the antithesis of a normal wedding song. Usually we expect a slow, romantic plod about lasting love.

But with "Ring on Every Finger," it's all about being carefree and catchy. Lines like "Dropping F-bombs like 'Forever'" really capture that vibe. Try not to chuckle at the line "It ain't rocket science; all you gotta do is say yes." Probably not first dance material, but still a fun twist on traditional wedding songs.

"Ring On Every Finger" is the third single off LoCash's recent album The Fighters. Known for sticking it out through the ups and downs of the industry, LoCash finally caught their break with their third album after going at it since 2004.

Their single "I Love This Life" hit No. 2 on the Country Airplay charts before finally getting their first No. 1 with "I Know Somebody." The veteran duo hopes to continue that success with "Ring On Every Finger."

LoCash is currently touring as part of LiveNation's Ones To Watch tour. You can find a full list of their upcoming tour dates via their official website.

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