25 Signs You Grew Up in the Country

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If you grew up in the country, you probably realized early on that you were different than city kids.

Your parents let your roam free and didn't freak out when you came home covered in dirt.

You didn't get to sleep in on the weekends, because you had to wake up and feed your family's animals. If it was fall, you were probably hunting, in which case, you didn't care about sleeping in.

When you got a little older, you raised a lot of Cain, pulling stunts like painting your name on the town's water tower. And when you got caught, the whole damn town knew about it. While your community was close-knit (sometimes too close), they wouldn't hesitate to rally when a neighbor was in need.

In the video above, you'll find some more signs you grew up country.

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25 Signs You Grew Up in the Country