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Yes, You Can Live in a Real-Life Hallmark Movie Small Town — Here's What It's Like

It turns out these seemingly too-good-to-be-true towns are just as magical as you’d imagine.

Hallmark movies know (and cater to) a universal truth: There's something special about small towns. Though some Hallmark movies are filmed in various parts of the country — such as "A Taste of Love," which was shot in Florida — the majority take place in cozy small-town settings that bring our Christmas dreams to life.

Whether it's the quaint atmosphere that fills every family-owned business, the friendly locals who know your name, or just the slower pace of life on which everything runs, these close-knit communities have a way of capturing our hearts and making us yearn for a simpler way of living. But are these picturesque settings just a figment of our imaginations? Do real-life Hallmark movie small towns have the same magical quality as seen on screen?

The answer is yes.

Simone Paget, a travel writer and resident of one of Hallmark's most-used movie locations, recently detailed for Business Insider what daily life was like in her hometown of Victoria, British Columbia, where movies including "The Mistletoe Promise," "Every Christmas Has a Story" and "Hearts of Christmas" were filmed. She says the elements of small-town life that make these movies so irresistible are easy to find — as are fake snow and film crews.

"It's not unusual to stumble across a movie set while going about daily errands," she wrote in her December 2023 essay. "Summer is peak filming season, so don't be surprised if you arrive for a beach day and see a film crew setting up a Christmas tree display or come across a city street flooded with fake snow. It's moments like these that make me smile and remind me how unique it is to live here."

You don't need to wait for the Christmas lineup to get your small-town fix. If you want to see what life in a real-life Hallmark movie town is like, take a trip to one of five locations that the network has used for at least one of its iconic holiday films. And check out our rundown of where Hallmark movies are filmed for even more hot spots for Hallmark fans.

Hope, British Columbia, Canada

Credit: Getty/Shiyan Boxer

Movies filmed here: "A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado," "Winter's Dream" and "Falling for Christmas"

Tucked away in the mountains, this Canadian town (and its nearby neighbor, Manning Park) is the epitome of a Hallmark winter wonderland. The picturesque downtown is bordered by the equally picturesque Fraser River as well as the Cascade Mountains, making for stunning views in every direction.

Residents and visitors alike can enjoy year-round outdoor activities such as skiing, snowshoeing and hiking through the nearby mountains and forests. The charming local shops and restaurants offer a taste of small-town hospitality while still providing all the amenities one could need.

Chester, Vermont

Movies filmed here: "Moonlight & Mistletoe"

This tiny town in the heart of Vermont embodies everything we love about small-town life. With a population of just over 3,000, its downtown is lined with charming brick buildings and local businesses you'd only find in a Hallmark movie, such as a yarn shop and a tea room. "Moonlight & Mistletoe" was filmed at Chester's very own Fullerton Inn and Restaurant, a popular bed-and-breakfast that offers guests a taste of the area's historic charm.

Because this town is centered in between several different ski resorts, it's a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts. But even non-skiers can enjoy Chester's quaint atmosphere and nearby attractions, such as hiking through the many forest trails and antiquing.

Farmington, Utah

"Christmas land" Hallmark movie small town

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Movies filmed here: "Christmas Land" and "Check Inn to Christmas"

Farmington has become a must-visit for any die-hard Hallmark fan. Not only is it home to the adorably charming Lagoon Park — which makes an appearance in "Christmas Land" — but it's also home to things every fan of a good small-town movie can appreciate: snowcapped mountains, cute cafes and plenty of holiday cheer.

Plus, you only have to travel about an hour south to find Mapleton, another small Utah town that was the filming location for Hallmark's "A Christmas Wish."

Marietta, Georgia

Credit: Getty/ halbergman

Movies filmed here: "Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses"

Located just outside of Atlanta, Marietta has become a go-to location for Hallmark movies set during the holiday season because it offers the quintessential ingredient to every good small-town Christmas movie — a charming town square. Both the historical Marietta Square and the Strand Theatre make an appearance in "Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses."

While it's larger than the fictional towns it's portrayed as in movies, Marietta still maintains a small-town feel with its tree-lined streets and quirky shops and events.

Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Movies filmed here: "Christmas Cookies" and "A Plum Pudding Mystery"

Another Canadian town that has become a favorite for Hallmark films, Squamish is located in the southern coastal region of British Columbia and offers some of the most breathtaking views of any small town on this list. The towering Stawamus Chief dome stands guard over the town, while nearby Garibaldi Provincial Park boasts stunning lakes and hiking trails. It's no wonder that this picturesque setting has been chosen for two Hallmark movies.

So next time you find yourself caught up in a Hallmark movie marathon, just remember that these charming small towns are more than just sets — they're real places where people live and love. And that's what makes them so magical.

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