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Live Soda Kombucha is Here to Help Break Your Soda Addiction

I was doing my typical Sunday night deep dive on random Reddit threads when I came across soda-flavored seltzers. I thought it was a lovely idea for soda lovers who need to take a step back from sugar-filled Cokes. After doing more research on soda-flavored drinks, I came across Live Soda, and I love their mission.

Live Soda is an Austin, Texas-based company that sells soda-flavored kombucha. If you follow our wellness and lifestyle posts, you know that we are well aware of the health benefits of kombucha. If you haven't tried kombucha, get on it. It's wonderful for your gut health!

Live Soda - Cola with Probiotics 12 oz (Pack of 12 Cans)

Giving up Dr Pepper completely probably isn't on my radar anytime soon, but with a bottle of kombucha that tastes like cola, I'd be willing to give my liver a rest from sugary soft drinks. Live Soda has a line of 'Live Kombucha' and 'Live Soda.'

Live Kombucha is comprised of organic raw kombucha, organic stevia, and natural flavors. If you have tried kombucha and weren't a fan, I'd say give the Raw Live Root Beer-flavored kombucha a try. You'll also find cola, doctor, ginger, orange, rhuberry, blueberry, and lemon lime-flavored kombucha.

Live Soda's zero-calorie soda has cola, root beer, doctor, lemon-lime, and ginger flavors. These sodas are packed with probiotics! Ingredients include carbonated water, monk fruit extract, and a live probiotic (Bacillus Subtilis).

I love this company's mission. Live Soda founder, Trevor Ross wanted to make a healthy lifestyle change after losing his sister to breast cancer.

This touches my heart. As someone who has also lost a family member due to health, I would love to make a change in my diet. Ross knows soda lovers can't get enough of the flavor, so he created Live Soda Kombucha. Thank you, Ross, for using such a difficult experience to make a difference in the lives of others. As I get older, I realize that family and health is everything.

I can't wait to give Live Probiotic Soda a try!

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