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These 'Little House on the Prairie' Christmas Episodes Showcase the Meaning Of The Season

Little House On The Prairie remains one of the most heartwarming shows ever made. The TV series, which was based on the bestselling autobiographical books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, was all about family, friendship and the daily life of pioneers in the 19th century. It's no wonder fans loved tuning in for nine seasons during its run.

With the upcoming holiday season, now is the perfect time to go back and look at some of the Little House On The Prairie Christmas episodes to get in the spirit of the season. These three episodes follow the Ingalls family during the Christmas holiday. In true form, there is always a focus on what the season should truly be about. 

Season 1 Episode 15: "Christmas at Plum Creek"

The first Christmas episode on the series came in the very first season of the beloved show. If there's ever an episode of a TV show to get you in the Christmas spirit, this is it. Everyone in the Ingalls family becomes secretive as they plan what to get each other for the upcoming holiday. Charles (Michael Landon) and Caroline (Karen Grassle) get extra jobs to be able to afford gifts for their loved ones and Laura (Melissa Gilbert) tries to work out a deal to sell her horse Bunny to Mr. Oelson so she can afford a new stove for her mother. It's a story of selfless love and the true meaning of the season. You'll never forget seeing little Carrie understand what it's all about at the end of the episode as the puts the topper on the tree.

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Season 3 Episode 11: "Blizzard"

Set on Christmas Eve, a snowstorm is headed for Walnut Grove so Miss Beadle lets the children out early as the snow has already started falling. When some of the women come to the schoolhouse and find the children gone, the entire town comes together with a search party. Mr. Edwards and his children are still missing on Christmas morning after the blizzard has ended so the town goes out to help locate them. Even Harriet Oleson hands out coats to volunteers. Though the search party does result in a loss for some, it is definitely a favorite Christmas episode. Charles Ingalls dramatically ends the episode by reading the Christmas story from the Bible to everyone.  

Season 8 Episode 11: "A Christmas They Never Forgot"

In one of the fan-favorite holiday episodes, "A Christmas They Never Forgot" follows an adult Laura who is pregnant, joined by her husband Almanzo, the Ingalls family and the newly adopted Cooper children as they all spend Christmas together. Hester Sue also brings Mary and Adam as a Christmas surprise for everyone. While the family is snowed in, they sit around and recount their best Christmas memories together. Laura remembers a holiday when the family still lived in Kansas together and it turns out to be the perfect way to pass the time together under the Christmas tree.

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