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Listen to Elise Davis' Nostalgic New Song 'Married Young'

On her forthcoming sophomore album Cactus (out this September), Elise Davis explores the beauty of independence. The album's first single, "Don't Bring Me Flowers," centers on a new romance not yet bound by rules or definition. On her second single, the singer-songwriter traces the snapshots of a former relationship and pieces of a past life.

Written by Davis, Erin Enderline and Alex Kline, "Married Young" is a look back on a young adult love, wrapped up in memories of Tom Waits records and drinking wine from thrift store glasses. But beyond the nostalgia, "Married Young" explores what we learn about ourselves when we attempt to build a life with another person.

"I don't even know if I'd recognize us/ You were loving every word rolling off of my tongue/ I was hanging down from the stars you hung/ The things you learn about the one you love when you married young," Davis sings.

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Cactus, produced by Jordan Lehning, is the follow-up to Davis' 2016 album The Token.

'Cactus' Tracklist:

1. "Hold Me Like A Gun"
2. "The Burn"
3. "Cactus"
4. "Married Young"
5. "Lone Wolf"
6. "33"
7. "Last Laugh"
8. "Man"
9. "Moody Marylin"
10. "Don't Bring Me Flowers"

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