Elise Davis Finds Liberation in Casual Romance With Dreamy New Song 'Don't Bring Me Flowers'

Arkansas-native Elise Davis first turned heads with her knockout 2016 debut album The Token. Filled with strikingly honest lyrics and unflinching confessionals like "Pretty Girl" and "I Go to Bars and Get Drunk," the album introduced Davis as one of the most exciting voices to come along in a while. Davis is prepping for the release of her sophomore album Cactus (out in September), but you can hear the first single, "Don't Bring Me Flowers," today.

Co-written by Davis, Maren Morris and Frank Romano, "Don't Bring Me Flowers" is a dreamy ode to desire and new relationships uninhibited by rules or definition.

"Don't bring me flowers or good intentions, just a couple of hours too good to mention," Davis sings. "And come tomorrow, there ain't nothin' we gotta say/ pick up your shoes, baby,  send you on your way."

The video, directed by Jason Alan Morant, features Davis spending an evening at home. She's seen having a drink, writing and lighting candles. You get the sense that something is building under the surface before we finally see her recording the track and dropping off a copy for the object of her affection.

Davis says the song explores a central theme on her upcoming album.

"On my new record Cactus there is a heavy theme of feeling like a lone wolf, independent, and sexually liberated," Davis said in a press release. "'Don't Bring Me Flowers' ties into that theme, being a song simply about the desire to be involved with someone but keep it light, casual and sexy."

Cactus was recorded in Tennessee at producer Jordan Lehning's home studio. Davis said it was named for the self-sufficient plant and what it represents for Davis.

"Cacti are independent plants that sustain themselves," Davis said. "They can be beautiful with bright-colored flowers on them, but if you touch them, they will hurt you. I see a lot of parallels with the way I have felt most of my life. It felt like the perfect album title for these songs."

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Elise Davis Finds Liberation in Casual Romance With Dreamy New Song 'Don't Bring Me Flowers'