Why You Should Keep Lip Balm in Your Toolbox

Most people keep tubes of lip balm in their purses or bathrooms to help heal dry skin. But you should also consider keeping a few of these handy everyday items in your toolbox.

Lip balm can be used to help lubricate screws, which is important when working with wood. The lubrication makes driving in the screws much easier. It also helps you to avoid unwanted splits in your wood.

This is a great trick when working with wood screws. But you can also use lip balm to help keep your tools shiny and new. Sharp tools, like knives and scissors, easily rust when you aren't using them. With a few regular swipes of lip balm on the blade, they will stay rust free.

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So the next time you pick up a new tube of balm, grab a couple of extras to throw into your toolbox. You'll be surprised how often it will come in handy.

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