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This Simple Trick will Keep Your Tools Rust Free for Life

Did you know that a common household item can keep your tools from getting rusty?

You probably have at least a few tools lying in a shed or garage, waiting around for the next time you need to fix your car or landscape your yard. Between those events, your wrenches, trimmers and various other tools can be exposed to the elements. This exposure can quickly cause a layer of rust to form over your tools, making them messy to handle and harder to use. Thankfully, there is one simple and convenient item in your medicine cabinet that can prevent that from happening.

Petroleum jelly has many helpful uses. While it's best known for covering scrapes and burns, it also works wonders on your outdoor tools. Just one coating of jelly can prevent rust from forming over time. After you clean your tools well, simply wipe a layer of petroleum jelly over the entire surface. If it's a tool that you don't use often, wrap it in a layer of cloth to keep it protected. The next time you reach for your wrench, it will be as clean and shiny as the day you bought it.

Don't believe me? Once you try this incredible out for yourself, you'll never store your tools without it.

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This Simple Trick will Keep Your Tools Rust Free for Life