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Lindi Ortega Unveils Spaghetti Western Video For 'Liberty'

If Lindi Ortega's new album Liberty is in your current rotation, or if you overlooked its late March release, check out her new music video for the title track. The song is one of several album cuts with guitar riffs and horn accompaniment inspired by classic spaghetti western soundtracks. Toss in vivid lyrics about love, loss and redemption, and the whole presentation is the aural equivalent of a cinematic experience— a modern-day take on Willie Nelson's Red Headed Stranger, if you will.

Director Travis Nicholson created a literal cinematic world suitable for such an ambitious song. Ortega becomes the mysterious bandit riding into town, representing the unbounded lives of history's anti-heroes. Per Ortega, her equine co-stars also symbolize a romanticized vision of the Old West.

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"I wanted to create a vibey throwback video that paid tribute to old western films but offered a more modern twist," she says in a press release. "It was important to me to include horses in the video because to me wild horses represent ultimate freedom and liberation, as well as physical strength and beauty."

There's plenty more western reference points on Liberty worth exploring with music videos. Hopefully, we soon find out what's in that next town for Ortega's big-screen gunslinger.

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