Lindi Ortega
Kate Nutt

Hear Lindi Ortega's Dreamy New Ballad, 'Lovers In Love'

Lindi Ortega delivers an elegant and dreamy love song with her latest single "Lovers In Love." It marks as the second from her upcoming three-part concept album Liberty (March 30). Her velvety vocals gracefully sway to and fro over a rich steel-guitar foundation. There's an airy wistfulness to Ortega's delicate, tender and captivating voice. The icing on the cake for the number is the soaring harmonica contributions from Grammy-winning musician Charlie McCoy. In all, they create a robust waltz that effortlessly glides and leaves you with a residual warmth and glow.

"Our lives are enriched by this deep connection when partners make it past the fireworks of initial attraction, have lived and experienced a little together," says Ortega in a press release. "We now have a deep and meaningful connection to another soul."

There's an endearing resilience to "Lovers In Love." She sets up the stark differences between genuine love and passing lust with the engaging chorus lines of "The difference between lovers and lovers in love, some take just a sip while others drink it up. Some leave, some stay when the going gets tough. That's the difference between lovers and lovers in love."

Within the constructs of Liberty, "Lovers In Love" is nestled near the end of a sprawling tale of devasting loss and triumphant revenge. Throughout Liberty, Ortega and producer Skylar Wilson feature ample amounts of Spaghetti Western-tinged horns and sharp, howling pedal steel that energize Ortega's haunting tale. Ortega and company create a booming sonic landscape on Liberty. At times, they deliver defeating punches from dark and desolate American badlands. Other moments are soaring glimmers of a replenishing oasis. At their best, they rival the greatest moments from the likes of Ennio Morricone or even Marty Robbins. Throughout, Ortega laments like a desert-dwelling Patsy Cline or a Teatro-era Willie Nelson.

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