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Watch Luke Bryan Perform His Brand New Song 'Like You Say You Do'

Luke Bryan's new song "Like You Say You Do" is all about treating your woman right, or someone else will.

Bryan treated VIP fans in Georgia to an intimate acoustic performance of his new song before a show. He warns fans that he may forget the words to the new song, but judging by their reaction, they don't mind.

Unlike a lot of his songs, the particular tune addresses the guy in a relationship. "I watch you tell everyone that she is the only one," Bryan sings. "But I see the other side." Ominous!

We soon find out this guy isn't treating his girlfriend as well as he could. And he better watch out, because Bryan wants to swoop in and save the day. "If you love her like you say you do, then why don't you love her like you say you do?" Bryan asks. "Cause I wanna love her like you say you do."


Talk about serious "Jessie's Girl" vibes. Jake Owen also recently released a very similar song called "If He Ain't Gonna Love You."

Despite his warnings that he might mess up, Bryan has a good handle on the song through the first verse and chorus. But then the second verse comes along and he artfully replaces some words with the word "watermelon." You know, that old trick where you mouth "watermelon" to hide the fact that you don't know the words. It's not as effective when you actually say "watermelon" into a mic, but it made for a funny and personable moment.

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Bryan is smack dab in the middle of his Huntin' Fishin' And Lovin' Every Day Tour, which extends all the way into Oct. His most recent album has some serious legs. Released in Aug. 2015, Kill The Lights was the first album in Billboard's Country Airplay Chart history to produce six No. 1 singles. No word yet on when we can expect a new album, but odds are a song like this will make the cut.

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