Luke Bryan The Chair
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Watch Luke Bryan Cover George Strait's Classic Hit 'The Chair'

Well, if you ever wanted to hear George Strait and Luke Bryan back to back, here's your chance. Bryan covered Strait's hit tune "The Chair" at a recent concert for a mashup with his own No. 1 track "Strip it Down."

Musically, the transition works pretty well. The casual shuffle feel of "The Chair" giving way to the backbeat-driven "Strip it Down" isn't jarring at all. Even the melodies kind of line up.

And when you think of the story of "The Chair" — which ends up with a man taking a woman home — "Strip It Down" could certainly be the thematic next step. So really, the whole thing isn't as weird as it sounds.

Unfortunately, Bryan struggles mightily with the notes on "The Chair." When it gets to his own song, he seems a bit more comfortable, but still off.

Apparently Bryan suffered from a chest cold that night, so the struggles hopefully aren't a nightly occurrence. Let's hope he keeps the cover in the set, because George Strait fits into everybody's performance when it comes down to it.

And let's be honest, George Strait is definitely the most country thing you'll hear at a Luke Bryan concert.

Strait released "The Chair" in 1985 off his album Something Special. The tune went to the top of the country chats, becoming his seventh overall No. 1 single.

Bryan released "Strip It Down" in 2015 off his album Kill The Lights. The tune eventually became Bryan's 11th overall No. 1 song, despite having a much different stylistic vibe than his other tunes.

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Bryan is preparing to kick off his extensive Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Every Day Tour. The trek kicks off with back-to-back shows in Nashville before running through the end of the summer. He also wrapped up a different tour just a few weeks ago, making him one of the busiest men in country music.

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