Lee Greenwood performs on stage during a Music Memorial for Jeff Carson at Nashville Palace on May 10, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee.
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Lee Greenwood, Larry Gatlin + More Country Singers Pull Out of NRA Concert

A country-themed National Rifle Association (NRA) concert may face cancellation after multiple country artists pulled out of the event, Billboard reports. Lee Greenwood, T. Graham Brown, Danielle Peck, Larry Stewart, Larry Gatlin and Don McLean have all dropped out of the concert following the mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, in which a gunman killed 19 children and two teachers.

The concert was scheduled to take place in Houston over Memorial Day weekend. As of press time, Jacob Bryant is the only artist still slated to perform. Billboard reports that the concert is expected to be canceled on Friday, May 27.

Greenwood said he's cancelling his appearance out of respect.

"As a father, I join the rest of America in being absolutely heartbroken by the horrific event that transpired this week in Texas. I was scheduled to perform at NRA's private event on Saturday with my band. After thoughtful consideration, we have decided to cancel the appearance out of respect for those mourning the loss of those innocent children and teachers in Uvalde."

"During this Memorial Day Weekend, we should also remember the servicemen and women, and first responders who've given their lives to protect our great country," he continued. "Please join me to pay our respects as we unite together as would be the most appropriate measure at this time."

Gatlin said that he "cannot, in good conscious" perform at the NRA convention and called for the organization to rethink some of its positions.

"While I agree with most of the positions held by the NRA, I have come to believe that, while background checks would not stop every madman with a gun, it is at the very least a step in the right direction toward trying to prevent the kind of tragedy we saw this week in Uvalde," Gatlin said in a statement. "I pray that the NRA will rethink some of its outdated and ill-thought-out positions regarding firearms in America. I'm a 2nd Amendment guy, but the 2nd Amendment should not apply to everyone. It's that simple."

Danielle Peck, a country singer and SiriusXM host, also shared a statement about her decision to withdraw from the event.

"After much thought, as both a mother and out of respect for all of the families in Uvalde, TX during the heartbreaking time, I have made the decision to not host or perform at the NRA Event in Houston this weekend," Peck said. "Instead, my thoughts and prayers will be with the families going through this tragic and unimaginable time right now."

Texas governor Greg Abbott, Senator Ted Cruz and former president Donald Trump are still scheduled to attend the event.

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