Learn How to Two-Step Like a Pro in Just Two Minutes

Have you ever wanted to learn how to properly boot-scoot across the dance floor? It's one of the most popular country dance moves in the United States, especially in Texas, and anyone can do it. In this instructional video, two-step guru to the stars Robert Royston breaks down the partner dance into painless, easy-to-follow steps.

Royston begins by explaining the proper close position hold, noting that of course there are regional variations. The man tucks his right hand under her left arm and places his hand on her shoulder blade while the woman rests her left hand on his arm. The free hands then come together about shoulder height.

You're ready to get dancing!

Next, you need to know the timing of the moves. The video goes on to explain that the two-step is comprised of a combination of quick and slow steps. A quick step is one step per beat while a slow step is one step per two beats. Two-step timing is quick, quick, slow, slow.

Now go ahead and start moving. The man starts forward and the woman starts backward. With his left foot, the man begins with a quick step forward. The woman will take a quick step backward with her right. Then the pair will continue in the quick, quick, slow, slow timing, just as though they were walking.

And that's it! You're dancing!

Royston finishes up with some two-stepping and line dancing etiquette and pointers for your first (or second) time on the floor. Namely, always dance counterclockwise around the outside of the dance-floor.

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Once you've mastered the basic step, check out Royston's other videos to build on what you've learned with turns and all other sorts of fun steps.

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Learn How to Two-Step Like a Pro in Just Two Minutes