How to Organize Your Tiny Laundry Room on the Cheap

If you've ever wanted to organize your laundry room, but thought it was too hard or too expensive, Hey Tonya has got some advice for you on her YouTube channel. Using a few inexpensive storage bins and a lot of ingenuity, Tonya transforms her small, messy laundry closet into what looks like something out of an HGTV-designed model home. Laundry day might actually be fun—or at least easy—with her DIY laundry room storage solutions.

Tonya's tiny laundry room isn't actually a utility room; it's a small space in a rental apartment with one shelf above the washer and dryer. There's a little bit of storage space at either end, but it's not particularly usable.

Because it's a rental unit, Tonya notes that she doesn't want to spend a lot of money or time putting up shelves. As an apartment dweller myself, I understand. Who wants to spend a lot of extra cash or half a weekend on something that you'll have to take down or leave in a year?

But even if you're a homeowner, these DIY storage ideas are super useful. The video takes you through the whole process. Tonya tells us where she got each of the cute baskets, hooks, bins, and shelves, and then walks the viewer through how she installs them and puts all her laundry and cleaning supplies in their new, organized places.

One tip is to keep the bins and baskets the same color. She uses white, which fits for a bright clean laundry space, though she mentions that the baskets come in lots of colors.

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Personally, I love how she considers things like safety. Tonya uses velcro strips to secure the stacked baskets. They're still easy to get laundry supplies out of, but it's a lot harder to pull things down on your head (which we can all agree is not a good idea).

Things like laundry detergent and dryer sheets, which are of course used all the time in a laundry room, are easily accessible from the over the door organizer and added shelf.

And can we talk for a moment about the baskets she hangs on little s-hooks under the one shelf? Brilliant. Perfect for the laundry essentials you need easy access to.

Hooks on the wall to hang brooms, the ironing board and such fit perfectly in that wasted space on one end of the closet, and the collapsible hamper tucked in that narrow space on the other side is perfect for things like storing toilet paper.

One other thing you could do to better utilize your small laundry space is place a drying rack on top of the dryer. Drying racks are great for sweaters and other delicate items you definitely don't want tossed in with everything else.

And when you're finished with your small laundry room, your kitchen is another place where you can use inexpensive DIY projects to create an organized space.

1. Get your pots and pans organized.


YouTube: Glideware

2. Create more counter space.


3. Declutter your kitchen.

Do you feel confident conquering your laundry room now?

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