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Save Money on Laundry Day with This One Simple Thing

It may look like something you'd hide in the yard on Easter, but this egg has the power to save you money while helping to save the environment and your skin, too. The Ecoegg Laundry Egg is a small plastic container that lets you do your laundry without any kind of detergent or fabric softener, which means that doing laundry can now cost you a few pennies per load.

The Laundry Egg is made to let water flow in and through it, which lets the long-lasting pellets inside the egg do their job. There are two types of pellets: a dark gray tourmaline pellet that works to separate the dirt from each piece of laundry and a white mineral pellet that ionizes oxygen molecules in water, which help lift the dirt away from the cloth. It also softens the water by increasing the pH level of the water, which results in softer clothes.

The Laundry Egg is easy to use — simply place it inside your washing machine on top of a load of laundry. Shut the door or lid and walk away. You're done, at least until the cycle is finished and it's time for the laundry load to go in the dryer.

The real attraction to this alternative to regular laundry detergent is that it's money saving. Depending on if you get an egg that handles 210 loads, 432 loads, or 720 loads of laundry, that's anywhere from one to three years of not buying heavy containers of detergent. It breaks down to around 5 cents for a load of laundry which can save a lot of money for the average family.

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The white mineral pellets do dissolve over time and need to be replaced, but the replacement pellets come in the package with the egg. The pellets come in an fragrance free version as well as with natural scents including spring blossom and fresh linen; the light scents are created with essential oils.

Another advantage to this natural detergent breakthrough is that it's environmentally friendly. It doesn't have the harsh chemicals of regular detergent, and there's no build up of detergent on your clothes, so you don't need as much of a rinse cycle which saves water and energy.

The Laundry Egg is endorsed by Allergy UK and the the U.K. National Eczema Society. Because it cleans clothes without any harsh chemicals, it's dermatologically safe for sensitive skin or for people with allergies.

Over on Amazon, people who bought and used the Ecoegg Laundry Egg love it. The customer reviews talk about how soft their clothes are now and how they smell and feel clean. Several of the reviews do note the need to pre-treat clothes with a stain remover before throwing them in the washing machine, but still say it's a great product that cleans clothes well.

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