The Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts Mom Will Actually Love

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While moms should be recognized on a regular basis for everything they do, Mother's Day is the one day a year where she should be treated like a queen. If this particular holiday sneaked up on you and you're frantically trying to figure out how to do something special for Mom, our last-minute gift guide will give you ideas for some options she might love.

If you're looking for something small yet special, a bit of a splurge, or something specific for a cook or reader, we've got a little bit of everything that you can order now and is guaranteed to show up on time. Everything on this list has Prime one-day shipping available; so even if it's last-minute, you can still send your mom a little something. Hopefully, our list below helps — and happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there!

1. Shower Steamers


Body Restore Shower Steamers - Amazon, $8.97

While bath bombs are certainly luxurious, the fact is not everyone loves taking baths. But everyone takes showers. It's just a fact. So why not give Mom a similar experience she'll actually use? A pack of six shower bombs for less than $10 is one heck of a deal that will add a little something special to Mom's shower. The scent shown here is a calming lavender, but the brand has multiple options to choose from.

2. Temperature Control Coffee Mug


hurkins Smug Temperature Control Mug - Amazon, 49.50

If you've ever been a mom, you know that it's just part of the morning routine to reheat your coffee at least five times before you're even able to get halfway through the cup because of kids, work, general chaos, etc. This temperature control mug should really be in every mom's kitchen, because it's one of those little luxuries you'd never buy yourself but will easily transform your morning. Do your mom a favor and get her a temperature control mug so she can keep her cup of joe heated throughout the morning without having to keep putting it back into the microwave.

3. Heated Back and Neck Massager


Mirakel Heated Shoulder Massager - Amazon, $43.99

I'm not sure if there's a mom out there who'd say no to a shoulder/neck massager. And it's heated? Yes, please. This nifty gadget is under $45, but there's currently an additional coupon on Amazon you can redeem for 20% off. This is easily one of those gifts no one really needs, but it would be great for a mom to have at the end of a long day to get in a massage while watching her favorite show.

4. A Tea Sampler


Tea Forte Presentation Box - Amazon, $26.25

If your mom is a tea drinker, this variety pack would be a thoughtful gift. Encourage her to try new flavors with this sweet presentation box that is easily a tea lover's dream. The presentation box itself is lovely and makes for an elevated gift versus buying her a bunch of tea bags from the grocery store.

5. Gourmet Popcorn


Funky Chunky Gourmet Popcorn Variety Pack - Amazon, $55

If the way to your mom's heart is through a sweet treat, consider this elevated variety pack of gourmet popcorn flavors. While it seems a bit pricey, that's because Funky Chunky offers a delicious and elevated product that is an idea special-occasion gift for splurging. Some of the flavors are sold out (because it's good), but you can still get a five-pack that includes Caramel, Nutty Choco, PB Cup, Chip Zel and Chocolate.

6. Preserved Flowers That Will Actually Last


NATROSES Preserved Roses in Round Box - Amazon, $42.49

Sending flowers is always a win on Mother's Day, but consider these preserved roses as an alternative. Coming in under $43, this is much cheaper than a perishable bouquet you'd get from a local flower shop — and these will last up to three years. There are various colors to choose from in case if your mom isn't a pink gal, and Amazon currently offers an additional 5% off coupon.

7. Cozy Blanket


REPRECONF Microfiber Knitted Throw - Amazon, $39.99

There's really no such thing as having too many blankets, and this option looks so cozy. The checkerboard pattern is on trend but still timeless, and the microfiber material makes it super soft. The price point puts it in the middle of Amazon blanket prices, and I'd argue it's a solid investment for a throw that Mom can hang onto for years. There are a few colors to choose from as well as an additional 10% off coupon available.

8. Personalized Tote Bag


Wansimoo Canvas Tote - Amazon, $13.49

If you thought you were too late to snag a personalized gift, think again! This monogramed canvas tote is a bag that any mom could use, and nearly every letter is still in stock. It's waterproof, has classic colors and would be ideal for Mom to travel with, take to the beach or pool, or just use as an everyday bag.

9. Weighted Sleep Mask


Cozynight Weighted Sleep Mask - Amazon, $15.99

If there's one thing a mom appreciates, it's getting into bed at the end of a long day. Make her experience overnight slightly more luxurious with a weighted sleep mask. It fully blocks out all of the light, and the weighted mask helps with headaches, fatigue and sore eyes. While it's already an affordable choice, an additional 15% off coupon is available.

10. Charging Pad


Courant Wireless Charging Pad - Amazon, $34.99

For the mom on the go, this wireless charging pad is not merely a lifesaver but also a necessity. The linen material makes it blend into the decor so it doesn't stick out as an eyesore in the living room or bedroom. Since it's a charging pad, it plugs into the wall; all Mom has to do is put her phone on top to get a charge. She can just toss her phone on it without having to dig around for a charger, making it pretty effortless. The linen camel and natural colors are both on sale for under $35

11. Electric Kettle


COSORI Electric Kettle - Amazon, $27.99

An electric kettle is a gift that keeps on giving. Your mom won't believe how much faster it heats up her water compared with her usual stove kettle — and this under-$30 option is a bestseller. She can use this for coffee, tea, oatmeal and more, and she doesn't have to worry about standing by the kettle to wait for it to boil. There's also an automatic shut-off after 30 seconds of boiling that makes this particular kettle ideal.

12. Digital Frame


Frameo Wifi Digital Picture Frame - Amazon, $64.99

Moms and grandmothers alike will absolutely love having a digital picture frame. You also won't believe how easy it is. You share your frame number with family and friends, who then can upload photos and share them directly to the frame. Mom will love waking up and seeing new photos of the kids every morning, and the images will continuously rotate throughout the day. These frames generally cost well over $100, but this particular option is seriously on sale for just under $65.

13. Kindle


Amazon Kindle - Amazon, $99.99

If your mom is a big reader, having a Kindle is an absolute must. Why guess what book she might like when you could get her something like this so she can have her own library in the palm of her hand? If she already has a Kindle, you could consider offering an Amazon gift card so that she can purchase multiple books or audiobooks of her choice.

14. Towel Warmer


Lagute iSnug Towel Warmer - Amazon, $99.99

There are two types of people — those who understand the luxury that a towel warmer offers and those who have never experienced it. This is easily an over-the-top and slightly pricey option that we could all live without — but it's just so wonderful. Mom can warm up her towel or bathrobe while she's in the shower and get extra toasty when she gets out. It's a thoughtful gift she'll enjoy for years. In addition, there's currently a coupon available to save you an extra $20.

15. Cookbook Stand


Soligt Adjustable Cookbook Stand - Amazon, $24.99

If your mom is a big cook or baker, consider a cookbook stand. Instead of getting ingredients all over her favorite recipes, she can have her book propped open to the pages to reference as she runs around the kitchen. It's also an ideal option for propping up a tablet or phone if she's looking at a recipe online. Save an additional 15% with the current coupon offered.

16. Hooded Knit Robe


DOOWELL Women's Knit Robe - Amazon, $48.99

Robes always seem to be on mom gift guides, but there's a reason for that. You really can't have too many robes, and it's nice to have a few options when you wake up in the morning or are getting ready to get cozy in the evening. This particular robe is a plushy knit fabric that looks incredibly comfortable and has pockets as well as a hood. It comes in various colors and currently has a 10% off coupon available.

17. Wristband and Headband Set for Washing Face


Chuangdi 4 Piece Headband Wrist Set - Amazon, $14.99

If your mom loves skin care and fully embraces all of her products morning and night, this spa set is the addition to her routine she didn't know she needed. The terrycloth wristbands ensure that when she washes her face, she doesn't get water all over her arms and the bathroom counter; and the headband is perfect to hold hair back for face washing as well as makeup application. It may seem random, but your mom will appreciate this practical gift she can include in her daily routine. Plus, a 5% off coupon is currently available.

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