Las Vegas shooting

Survivors of the Las Vegas Shooting are Getting Incredible Memorial Tattoos


The Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting is still fresh on the minds of those who survived it. Now, some victims have chosen to memorialize the tragedy, and the 58 people who died there, with a tattoo.

The tattoos being posted on social media vary in size and design, ranging from simple to elaborate. Many incorporate flowers alongside the Route 91 Harvest Festival logo.

"This one's for the people that left just early enough because of achy feet, and those that ran barefoot with boots in their hand," Instagram user Kamdeegs wrote. "This tattoo is for the constant reminder of how in the blink of an eye, everything can change and that's when you realize how precious life is."

Some users wrote long tributes while others simply posted pictures of their tattoos with hashtags like #PrayforVegas.


Some users chose to share their survival stories.


"Last Sunday I was at a country concert with my mom and friends when someone tried to murder us along with thousands of others," Instagram user Alexisbell wrote. "While we may never understand why someone would do such a thing, we are forced to accept that it happened and that we now have to accept a new reality."

The morning after the attack, the Route 91 Harvest Festival changed their entire web presence to reflect the tragedy with this orange ribbon, which is now the centerpiece of many tattoos.



Some groups of friends decided to get tattoos together to commemorate their collective survival.


Over 500 people were injured in the Las Vegas shooting, which is now the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States. A few dozen victims are still hospitalized with many in critical condition.