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Lainey Wilson Shares Cool Moment She Had With Bon Jovi

Lainey Wilson openly gushed about veteran rocker Jon Bon Jovi praising her, calling it one of the "coolest moments" of her career.

In a recent interview with Jelly Roll for Interview magazine, Bon Jovi talked up Wilson. The rock legend even included his phone number in a letter to the 32-year-old Country Music artist.

"That's pretty cool!" Wilson admitted to Entertainment Tonight at CMA Fest. "And he did write me a little letter! And he put his phone number on there. I was like, 'Now this might be one of the coolest moments I've had.'"

"My goodness! I mean, he has lifted me up and encouraged me, and that's one that you write home about, for sure," Wilson added

Jelly Roll Joined Bon Jovi in Praising Lainey Wilson

Bon Jovi initially praised Wilson after Jelly Roll noted that they were "label mates."

"Which, by the way, is she the greatest thing ever?" Bon Jovi enthused. "Ever," Jelly Roll shot back. "Voice, work ethic, human, checks every box."

"Not only was she awesome at MusiCares, but then I saw her perform at Clive [Davis]'s thing, where she came out with you and did 'Save Me,'" Bon Jovi continued. "Both of you played for a different audience that fell in love with you that weekend and went, "Holy f—-, look at this talent."

"We felt so honored because we represented country music and Nashville that week," Jelly Roll explained. "I looked at her and was like, 'I'm so proud of the way we're carrying ourselves out here. This might be the biggest ripple a couple of Nashville artists have made at Grammy Week in a long time.'"

Meanwhile, Jon Bon Jovi is comfortable rubbing elbows with the  Country Music scene. In February, he announced he was opening his own Honky Tonk called JBJ's on Nashville's Lower Broadway.

"We're looking forward to having a place in Nashville that we call home," Jon Bon Jovi shared in a press release. "When Big Plan Holdings and the team of Josh and Tara Joseph asked us if we were interested, it wasn't because we were just another rock band, it was because we are a band with deep roots in Nashville. We have had wonderful times in Nashville recording several albums and working with some of the finest people in all the music business. I can't wait to toast all of Broadway and get to know our neighbors!"