Lainey Wilson Has a Message for Taylor Sheridan About 'Yellowstone' Season 5

The country singer-songwriter stars as Abby on the hit series.

Lainey Wilson shares a lot in common with "Yellowstone" fans, including the fact that she's ready to get the rest of season five on the road.

Wilson starred on the first half of season five as musician Abby. The role was generated specifically for her by "Yellowstone" creator Taylor Sheridan. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the 66th Grammy Awards, the singer-songwriter said she's more than ready to head back to set to reprise her role.

"I'm ready for it, I'll tell you that," she said.

She added that she'd be willing to rejoin the show at a moment's notice, and she has told that to Sheridan.

"I'm waiting to see what's happening," she said. "I told Taylor Sheridan, you give me the call and I'll be there."

The Western drama's troubles began when negotiations for star Kevin Costner's contract stalled filming of the season. Then came the Hollywood writers strikes, which further delayed movement on the show. As of now, the rest of the fifth and final season of the show is set to premiere in November 2024. Fans can only hope Wilson won't have scheduling conflicts, though. She begins to tour in March and will travel consistently for much of the spring and summer.

Although she only starred in four episodes so far, Wilson was enthusiastic about making her acting debut on the beloved show. She already had a longstanding relationship with Sheridan and series producers, as her music has been featured on the show for years. When chatting about her new acting gig with USA Today, Wilson said Sheridan told her to be herself, which she added is "a dream come true."

Fans are undoubtedly looking forward to Wilson's return to the show and the conclusion of her character's love story with ranch hand Ryan, played by Ian Bohen.

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