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Lainey Wilson Finally Has Her Moment On 'The Voice' After Previously Getting Rejected Off Show

Lainey Wilson is gearing up to be the premier country superstar for years to come. The Watermelon Moonshine singer took to The Voice stage on season 25 to perform her new single, "Hang Tight Honey." They didn't tell Wilson what else might be in store for her.

The Voice coach and country icon Reba McEntire goes on stage to surprise her with one of country music's highest honors. She prefaces by detailing the pride she has in the rising star. "Lainey, I am so proud of you. You did a wonderful job," she warmly encourages. "I have heard that I have inspired you in what you have done so far, and I am thrilled to death if I have had anything to do with your career because you are blowing it up."

She continues, revealing the huge surprise and nearly bringing Wilson to tears in the process. "I was so proud of you at the ACMs the other night and I couldn't be more proud to be the one that helps you continue to bridge the gap between our generations," she continues. "I'd like to be the person to invite you to become an official member of the Grand Ole Opry."

Wilson goes on to explain how much the Opry means to her and how surreal it is to be invited onto the cast. "My family's over here tonight and I will say they took me to Nashville when I was 9 years old and we went to the Grand Ole Opry and we saw Bill Anderson, Crystal Gayle and Little Jimmy Dickens," Wilson says. "I knew that I wanted to play there, I wanted to do it."

Lainey Wilson Keeps On Winning

There's definitely a lot of catharsis to be had for Wilson. She isn't a stranger to the singing competitions either. Before her big break in Nashville, she auditioned for The Voice. Additionally, she tried out for American Idol seven times. Still, she never let that get her down. After she performed the season 21 Finale of Idol, she took it on the chin. "I finally made it on American Idol," she sighs in relief. "I tried out seven times [and] I took the long way around but finally made it on American Idol."

Regardless, Wilson didn't end up needing these shows to succeed anyway. Now she's an Opry cast member, she won big at the ACMs for Entertainer of the Year. Moreover, she has her idols like Reba in her corner, paving opportunities for Wilson to bridge the gaps. It's a banner year for one of country's hottest acts.