Lyndsay Cordell

My Lactose-Hating Tummy Loves Lactaid Eggnog

The older I get, the more my tummy hates cheese, dairy, and eggs. Gone are the days where I would eat a bowl of Reeses Puffs cereal and 2% milk for breakfast. Hello, oat milk, dairy pills, and uncomfortable gas pains from who knows what. It sucks and I usually don't complain. But substitutes aren't the real thing. Dairy-free ice cream doesn't have the same rich and creamy mouthfeel as ice cream made with gobs of cream. And don't even get me started on dairy-free eggnog. Sure, the coconut milk substitute is okay, but it's not the same as traditional eggnog. Thankfully I found out about lactose-free eggnog, which to me, is the Christmas miracle my tummy has been anxiously waiting for.

Many people are lactose-intolerant, in fact, 30-50 million American adults are lactose-intolerant. It's more common in adults with Asian, African, or Native American heritage. It's also very common in Ashkenazi Jews, a fact I found out when I was on a Birthright trip in Israel after we were given samples of cheesecake. We all held our tummies as the bus rumbled on.

I also see how it can be a bit confusing. Lyndsay, if you are Jewish, why are you drinking eggnog?

Because I like it!

How Do You Make Lactose Free Milk?

Have you ever wondered how they take the lactose out of milk? You just add the enzyme lactase to the milk to "predigest" the sugar in the milk. The milk is then ultrapasteurized to deactivate the enzyme. Because of this, the milk tastes sweeter than regular milk because the sugars have begun to break down. Lactose-free milk also costs more than regular milk because it has to go through more processes.

Lactaid Eggnog is a Winner in My Book

I've tried almond milk eggnog and oat milk eggnog but they lacked that heaviness and creaminess regular eggnog is known for. I was about ready to give up when I saw Lactaid eggnog on the shelf. I was nervous to try it and had my container of Gas-X ready if needed. I poured a small glass, took a sip, and was instantly transported to all those Hallmark movies. Creamy with specks of fresh nutmeg, I finished the glass with gusto, then sat and waited. And waited. And waited for the cramps to start but they never did. I couldn't believe it.

Whether you enjoy it chilled in a glass, topped off with bourbon, or mixed into a latte, I can safely say this lactose-free eggnog is a great option for those that are lactose intolerant and for the whole family this holiday season.