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San Antonio-Based La Panadería is Now Delivering All Over Texas

Craving a Tequila Almond Croissant from La Panadería? It's your lucky day! The popular San Antonio bakery is now offering delivery across the entire state of Texas. Whether you are in Dallas or Corpus Christi, this Mexican bakery is only a click away.

According to Chron.com, co-owners David Caceres and his brother Jose Caceres are starting to add more items to the delivery menu every day. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the bakery has been running curbside pick-ups as well.

What is La Panadería?

Opened in 2014, La Panadería was inspired by David Caceres and Jose Caceres' passion for baking. Growing up in Mexico City, the brothers would sell their mother, Doña Josefina's fresh-baked bread on the streets. When the brothers got older they took over their mother's homegrown business and started producing bread in a large-scale operation. Finding success in Mexico, the brothers moved to Texas to bring bread cultura to the lone star state.

La Panadería specializes in producing menu items such as pan dulce inspired by Mexico's Golden Era, or Epoca de Oro as well as drawing influence from French, Italian, and American breadmaking techniques. There are two locations, one in Alamo Heights on Broadway and the other Downtown on E Houston street. A third location is being planned in San Antonio near The Rim.

Menu items include baked goods such as concha, croissants, empanadas, cronchas, pan de Muerto, and fresh-baked bread. If you are looking for something savory try out the Mexican Cubana Torta which features cilantro mayo, chipotle mustard, ham, bacon, swiss cheese, kiolbassa sausage, and pickles.

The Story Behind the Famous Tequila Almond Croissant

Guy Fieri of Food Network Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, visited the bakery during season 27 and learned how to make the delicious tequila almond croissants. According to David Caceres, his brother Jose had asked him to make a batch of croissants to sell at the farmer's market. The recipe has originally called for rum but David only had tequila on hand. The recipe substitution was an instant hit in the Alamo City.

Shipping costs run from $8 to $15 per delivery. The bakery will begin shipping nationwide within the next two months.

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