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Thousands Sign Petition to Rename Columbus, Ohio to Flavortown in Honor of Guy Fieri

Cities across the United States are changing. Statues are getting removed in cities such as Jacksonville, Florida, Birmingham, Alabama, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Police reforms are beginning to take shape. Local companies are taking a stand with the Black Lives Matter Movement. The city of Columbus, Ohio, and Mayor Andrew Ginther vowed to take down its statue of Christopher Columbus in front of City Hall, however, citizens want more. So Tyler Woodbridge started a petition to change the name of the city, and rename Columbus, Ohio to Flavortown, in honor of Columbus native, Guy Fieri.

Thousands Sign Petition to Rename Columbus, Ohio to Flavortown

At the time of writing, 26,000 have signed the Change.Org petition, hoping to rename the capital of Ohio after Food Network star Guy Fieri. According to Woodbridge, the new name would be two-fold.

For one, it honors Central Ohio's proud heritage as a culinary crossroads and one of the nation's largest test markets for the food industry. Secondly, cheflebrity Guy Fieri was born in Columbus, so naming the city in honor of him (he's such a good dude, really) would be superior to its current nomenclature.

Good Dude Guy Fieri has already raised $20 million for restaurant workers during the pandemic. He's also officiated over 100 LGBTQ weddings.

"Columbus is an amazing city, but one whose name is tarnished by the very name itself," argues Woodbridge in his petition. "Its namesake, Christopher Columbus, is in The Bad Place because of all his raping, slave trading, and genocide. That's not exactly a proud legacy."

The renaming of the city has gained so much popularity that Bud Light tweeted that it would hand out free Bed Light Seltzers to every citizen of Flavortown if the name change goes through.

Woodbridge admits he isn't up to date on the Columbus town charter, unaware if it takes council vote or a petition or a town referendum to change the city's name.

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