Don't Forget Where You Come From

The Story Behind Kyle Park's 'Don't Forget Where You Come From'

Kyle Park's recent single "Don't Forget Where You Come From" is all about family, faith and taking pride in the path you walk.

Park, a Texas-based artist, wrote the song with a friend about his friend who works in the oil field industry. His friend's father worked in the oil fields, but he didn't want to follow that path. Before he left to pursue his own dreams, his father shared some resounding words with him: "Don't forget where you come from, pray out loud and make us proud."

Those words inspired Park's new song, and are now memorialized in the song's refrain.

Park says the song rings true to him because he lost his father when he was 12, and he never got to see him pursue his own dream as a career musician. "I just know if we would've been here he would have said those three things: don't forget where you come from, pray and make us proud."

"Don't Forget Where You Come From" is now available for download on iTunes. For a list of Kyle Park's upcoming tour dates, click here.

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