Episode 13: Kyle Park

Kyle Park

Kyle Park is a Texas country music star and one of the best performers in the scene. When Kurt and I were playing Texas country music together, we'd see Kyle's name on the marquees and hear his singles on the radio. It was a real treat to hang out with him and pick his brain about everything from modern country music to how he spends his downtime.

Some musicians are really hungry to learn every aspect of the music industry, from the songwriting and production to the business elements. Kyle is one of those guys. Rising artists can learn a lot from how he's managed his career as an independent artist and business owner. Kyle shared some good insight on music and business, but we also talked about a bunch of fun stuff that has nothing to do with music. He's a super positive guy, and I think you'll get that vibe when you listen to our conversation.

Park's latest single is "Rednecks With Paychecks," which he performs at the end of the show. He also played "What Goes Around Comes Around," a track off his most recent album, The Blue Roof Sessions. Look for his new record sometime in early 2017. For his upcoming tour dates, click here.

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Episode 13: Kyle Park