Kris Kristofferson and Trace Adkins
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See Kris Kristofferson and Trace Adkins Reunite for New Western Film 'Hickok'

Kris Kristofferson and Trace Adkins both released new music not long ago, but now they're back doing their second loves: acting. Kristofferson and Adkins star alongside Luke Hemsworth in the new film Hickok.

As you might be able to deduce from the name, Hickok follows the tale of American folk hero "Wild" Bill Hickok. An outlandish character whose tall tales form much of the basis of our knowledge about him, Hickok became a marshal in several towns throughout the Wild West.

This film in particular focuses on his time as marshal of Abilene, Kansas and his duel with Phil Coe. Luke Hemsworth (yes, he's one of those Hemsworths) plays Hickok, while Kristofferson plays the mayor of Abilene and Adkins plays antagonist Coe.

Adkins and Kristofferson actually acted together not long ago, too. They both appeared in the 2016 western Traded. And, surprise, surprise, the director of that film also directed Hickok.

Obviously, Kristofferson's timeless charm make him a great candidate for any role. But by the looks of the trailer, Adkins' towering presence and booming bass voice sure do seem to fit his evil character.

Bruce Dern also joins the cast, making him the second Academy Award-nominated actor on set (in addition to Kristofferson). Luke Hemsworth should also feel at home in his role as a westerner gunslinger. He plays a "lawman" of sorts on HBO's new hit series Westworld.

Adkins just released a new album not long ago, too. His twelfth studio album Something's Goin' On came out in March. Meanwhile, Kristofferson's 2017 album Cedar Creek Sessions earned him a Grammy nomination. He went up for Best Americana Album, ultimately losing to William Bell.

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You can catch Hickok in 10 cities across the U.S. starting July 7. Those include LA, Denver, Dallas and Chicago. But the film also goes On Demand that same date. So all you big fans of Kris Kristofferson and Trace Adkins' acting careers don't have to wait.

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