Kris Kristofferson
Actor/Songwriter Kris Kristofferson is photographed at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, January 1987. (AP Photo)

Kris Kristofferson Isn't Just a Country Legend, He's Also a Hollywood Icon

Kris Kristofferson is known for being one of the most revered country singer-songwriters of all time and a member of the country music supergroup The Highwaymen, alongside Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Johnny Cash. But he was a whole lot more than just a country music icon. The man, in fact, has had quite the acting career as well.

Whether you're a millennial who knows him from his role in Blade or a longtime fan who knows him better from his earlier work in some more prestigious pictures, chances are you've enjoyed Kris Kristofferson at least once or twice on the silver screen. Here are some of his most notable performances.

1. A Star Is Born

You're probably thinking, "Wait, wasn't that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga?" Well, yes. Kristofferson was in the 1976 version with Barbra Streisand and John Norman Howard.

2. Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Starring alongside Ellen Burstyn in this Martin Scorsese film, Kris Kristofferson is a revelation as Burstyn's character Alice Hyatt tries to make her way as a singer.

3. Blade, Blade II, Blade: Trinity 

Abraham Whistler, Vampire Hunter. Kristofferson played Blade's right-hand man and weapon maker in this beloved Marvel trilogy.

4. Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

There aren't a lot of genres better suited for a country star than a Western so, naturally, Kris Kristofferson had a fun turn as Billy the Kid.

5. Heaven's Gate

Kristofferson played James Averill in this real-life dramatization of the Johnson County War in 1890 Wyoming that pitted white locals against immigrant settlers.

6. Lone Star

Kristofferson starred opposite Matthew McConaughey and Chris Cooper in this Texas-set mystery.

7. A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries

Here, Kristofferson plays Bill Willis, a war hero who becomes a successful author who struggles with alcoholism and family issues.

8. Big Top Pee-wee 

Outlaw Country + PeeWee Herman = Kris playing a character named Mace Montana. It's a pretty great turn in a weird (but fun) movie.

9. Flashpoint 

Flashpoint is a Texas thriller with Kris Kristofferson playing a border guard.

10. Welcome Home 

This Vietnam War drama is a true tear-jerker and asks a lot of uncomfortable questions.

11. Semi-Tough 

Playing "Marvin 'Shake' Tiller," Kristofferson is a football player in a pretty darn high stakes love triangle.

12. Songwriter

Believe it or not, the country music star did a pretty great job as an actor in a movie about a songwriter.

13. The Last Movie

This was actually Kris Kristofferson's first-ever film role all the way back in 1971. Apparently, he did a good job!

14. The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea

A thriller about a boy who doesn't want his mom to date again, but maybe don't mess with Kris!

15. Cisco Pike

He was the lead in his second movie ever. 

16. Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2

A kids movie wouldn't be the place you'd expect to see a vampire killing outlaw country star but Kris really works in both of these sweet movies.

17. Limbo

'Smilin' Jack Johannson sounds kind of exactly like the role you'd expect a country star like Kris to play and, well, he does it pretty perfectly. 

18. Payback

Playing Bronson in this Mel Gibson thriller, Kristofferson was witness to what a man would do get back at those who wronged him.

19. Vigilante Force

Playing Aaron Arnold, Kristofferson sets out to clean up the streets of a small town gone bad. It's cheesy '70s stuff, but it's great.

20. Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

A pianist and his girlfriend go through Mexico to collect a bounty on a dead male prostitute. Kris Kristofferson is in it. 

21. Convoy

Kristofferson was the lead in this 1978 film about truckers rebelling against a sheriff. 


Honorable mentions: He's Just Not That Into You, Hickok, Planet of The Apes, Fast Food Nation, Joyful Noise, Bloodworth, Fire Down Below, Rollover, Disappearances, I'm Not There, The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James, Powder Blue, The Motel Life, Blume in Love, Trouble in Mind, and Silver City.

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