Courtesy of Klondike

Klondike Releases Brand New Ice Cream Cones and They're Beyond Delicious

As if the classic ice cream bars Klondike is known for weren't enough, the company has now come out with dessert cones that will rival any other sundae cones you could get at the grocery store or ice cream truck. The new Klondike cones are a delicious treat that will still have you asking, "What would you do?" for one. Let's take a look at the different delightful dairy dessert flavors on offer.

1. Double Down Chocolate

The Double Down Chocolate flavor comes with Classic Chocolate cones as well, but the Double Down one, is, well...more chocolatey? It's got a crispy wafer cone, a chocolatey sauce core, and dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate ribbon curls on top. Pick one up for the chocolate fanatic in your life.

2. Classic Chocolate

The Classic Chocolate cone has a chocolate sauce core and has roasted peanuts on top. It comes with either the Double Down flavor, or there's a Klondike Cones Classic Chocolate & Nuts for Vanilla ice cream cones box you can pick up at Kroger or whatever grocery store you usually find Klondike bars. Personally, I found the traditional flavor pretty perfect.

3. Unicorn Dreamin'

Here's where things get a little wild. The Unicorn Dreamin' flavor of Klondike cones has both strawberry and bubblegum notes in it, with a strawberry sauce core, and a green wafer cone. The only thing I might change is the chocolate cone tip and chocolate covering inside the cone — it likely would have paired better with a strawberry or other berry tip of some sort. But that doesn't mean it wasn't excellent just the same!

4. Vanilla Chillin'

Vanilla Chillin' & Unicorn Dreamin' come in the same box, and it's almost like the makers knew that after the intensity that is the Unicorn Dreamin' flavor, some people might want something a little more simple to follow it up. Vanilla Chillin' is basically just creamy vanilla ice cream with a chocolate base at the bottom and a bit more chocolate on top of the vanilla to round it out. Simple, but delicious.

5. Nuts for Vanilla

?Finally, Nuts for Vanilla is very similar to Vanilla Chillin', but it has bits of peanuts on top just for a little added something. If you like Drumstick Vanilla cones, try this alternative in Klondike cones instead. You won't be sorry.

Which Klondike cone flavor do you want to try?

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