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Blue Bell Introduces New Ice Cream Flavor

Hate having to choose between enjoying your ice cream in a bowl or in a cone? Don't worry, because Blue Bell has you covered with their latest flavor.

"Ice Cream Cone" is a vanilla-based ice cream loaded with chocolate covered cone pieces. Chopped roasted peanuts and chocolate fudge sauce are also included to create this delicious flavor.

It's Blue Bell's first new flavor of ice cream in 2017 and is available in stores beginning today, Feb. 24.

"We may have solved one of the biggest dilemmas for ice cream fans, cone versus bowl," said Ricky Dickson, president of Blue Bell, "Ice Cream Cone is about as close to perfection as you can get." We won't argue that.

If you're ready to give in to this rich temptation, plan head to your local grocery store soon. Ice Cream Cone is available for a limited time in both half gallon and pint sizes. However, Ricky Dickson assures this is only their first new flavor. "This is our first brand new flavor of the year, and you can expect a few more in the coming months," said the Blue Bell president.

While Ice Cream Cone is only available for a limited time, the company finally brought customer favorites back to stores too. Treat your palate to Blue Bell's beloved Chocolate Almond Marshmallow Ice Cream or Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream. Take a look at all of Blue Bell's flavors and get ready to treat your sweet tooth.

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