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Building a Kit Home? It Might be Worth a Lot of Money One Day

These days it seems like more and more people are looking for creative housing solutions like kit homes, and one day, those homes could be worth a pretty penny. A Sears kit home recently sold in Washington, D.C. for over $1 million. Sears sold kit homes from 1908 until 1942. They had a wide range of prices and sizes.

You could get a small bungalow for about $600 or a colonial home with 10 rooms for about $6,500 (about $85K in today's money).

The D.C. Sears kit home originally cost $3,727 in 1925 when it was built (about $52K today). It was a Sears "Martha Washington" model.

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Today the process for purchasing a kit home remains much the same. Buyers receive mail-order home kits with everything they need to build a fully functioning home. Then they have the option to either build it themselves or hire contractors to do it for them.

Home kits can be a faster and more affordable alternative to going through a professional builder, especially for people who have carpentry or engineering expertise.

Kit homes don't have to be tiny homes either, although many of them are. You can get them in larger models still. Real estate is always about return on investment, so keep in mind how much these historic Sears kit homes were eventually worth.

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Building a Kit Home? It Might be Worth a Lot of Money One Day