Kimberly Kelly Some Things Have a Name
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Hear Kimberly Kelly's Neo-Countrypolitan Charmer 'Some Things Have A Name'


Country artist Kimberly Kelly has announced that her upcoming EP, Don't Blame It on Me, will be released August 31. In addition, she's shared the new song "Some Things Have a Name," a crisp and airy Neo-Countrypolitan-tinged country ballad about cheating. Despite the subject at hand, Kelly doesn't let herself fall victim to the circumstances. Rather, she's refreshingly confident as she lays it all out for her former flame.

Built around a bright and glowing chorus and sweeping fiddle, Kelly's "Some Things Have a Name" serves up a sly lesson in vocabulary and loyalty. "If you're feeling what I'm feeling, that's called pain, yeah some things have a name," sings Kelly with a sarcastic smile. She may be heartbroken, but she hides it well. Kelly's not looking to get even in a Carrie Underwood or Miranda Lambert kind of way but still has a bold and striking presence throughout. It's not necessarily a scolding, but she's definitely letting it be known that actions have consequences.

There's a crisp nod to vintage Countrypolitan tones that feel refined and refreshing. Subtle touches of low-end harmonies accent "Some Things Have a Name" and give it some pop. Pedal steel and fiddle add light textures that make it feel like a lost gem from Nashville's golden era.

Kelly grew up in the Central Texas town of Lorena where she was raised on the classic country playing on her parents' radio. After years running around opening for some of the state's best--the likes of Cody Johnson, Aaron Watson, Pat Green, Josh Abbott Band, Kevin Fowler and others--Kelly made the jump to Nashville where she often joined her sister Kristen as a backup vocalist for some of country music's greatest.

In addition to Don't Blame It on Me, Kelly recently joined singer-songwriter Erin Enderlin for the song "Bathroom Mirror," a nostalgic ode to sisterhood. The pair released the song on National Sisters Day earlier this month.

Don't Blame It on Me follows up two full-length efforts from Kelly, 2010's Sweet Time Dancin' and her 2007 self-titled debut. In 2016, she released the charming revenge anthem "Put Some Lipstick on It," which very much feels like the flipside of the coin to "Some Things Have a Name."

Don't Blame It on Me officially is due out August 31.

Don't Blame It on Me Track List:

1. "Prayer and a Six Pack"
2. "Some Things Have a Name"
3. "First Fool In Line"
4. "Don't Blame It on Me"
5. "Daddy's 8-Track"

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