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Is Kid Rock Really Running for U.S. Senate?

Kid Rock has been teasing a major announcement about running for U.S. Senate. But is it really happening?

Rumors started spreading after fans discovered the earlier this week.

"I have a ton of emails and texts asking me if this website is real," Rock wrote on Twitter. "The answer is an absolute YES." The post the follows tells fans to stay tuned for a major announcement, which may be that you'll see his name on the ballot for 2018.

What was first thought of to be a publicity stunt may be leading in another direction. The Kid Rock For Senate website is full of merchandise supporting the Michigan native. A slew of slogans also carousel the main page of the site reading: "In Rock We Trust;" "I'll Rock The Party;" "Pimp of the Nation;" "You Never Met a Politician Like Me" and a few other catchy ones. It is important to note that scrolling down to the bottom of the site you'll see it's actually being run by his record label, which means it probably will only be used for music promotion, not politics.

Back in February, the Republican Party of Michigan did mention Rock as a potential candidate. Rock was a big supporter of President Trump during his election and recently attended a White House dinner.

So far, the Federal Elections Committee still hasn't received any bids from Kid Rock under any name. According to a tweet from Tim Tagaris, the former digital fundraising director for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, the rocker still has time to jump in the race.

The tweet explains that Kid Rock "must file w FEC within 15 days of receiving/spending $5k. Site + merch likely do it. Also, '© Kid Rock for US Senate 2018' not ok disclaimer."

If the rumors are true and Kid Rock is running for Senate, he will be up against Democrat U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow. Stabenow is also addressing the Kid Rock rumors saying on Twitter, "I know we both share a love of music. I concede he's better at playing guitar ..."

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