KFC Releases Cheetos Chicken Sandwich Nationwide

If you've never had the pleasure of eating a sandwich stuffed with your favorite chips, nows your chance. The new limited-time KFC Cheetos chicken sandwich combines two things that just, well, go together perfect: fried chicken and cheesy crunchy Cheetos. You better grab a whole handful of napkins when you indulge in this crispy fried chicken sandwich.

Back in January, the brand rolled out the Cheetos Sandwich at select locations (Greensboro, North Carolina, Greenville, Georgia, Raleigh, North Carolina, Richmond, Virginia and Roanoke, Virginia) to see if customers would like the new menu item. It was an overwhelming success and now KFC is releasing the sandwich nationwide starting on July 1.

What Does the KFC Cheetos Chicken Sandwich Taste Like?


According to KFC, the Extra Crispy filet is tossed in a Cheetos sauce then layered on a toasted bun with mayonnaise and Cheetos. You could say it is reminiscent of the Crispy Colonel Sandwich which was introduced in 2018. But don't take our word for it. This is one sandwich you have to try to believe. 


Lucky diners in New York City got the chance to try out the sandwich a few days early, along with three items created specifically for the "All Orange Everything" pop up event. Influencers and media tasted Cheetos KFC Hot Wings, Cheetos Loaded Fries, and a KFC Mac and Cheetos Bowl.

This isn't the first time KFC has partnered with another food brand. Recently the fried chicken chain announced their mashup with Cinnabon, creating Dessert Biscuits with KFC's classic biscuits paired with Cinnabon's irresistible cinnamon brown sugar glaze and signature cream cheese frosting.

The crispy chicken sandwich will only be available until July 29, which gives you about four weeks to devour as many as these sandwiches as you can. 

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