Kentucky Ghost Train
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This Kentucky Train Takes You on an Unforgettable Journey to a Ghost Town

Update: The 9th annual Big South Fork Blue Heron Ghost Train (previously scheduled for September 12, 2020) has been canceled due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. This article will be updated with future reservation opportunities. 

Did you know about Kentucky's Ghost Train? Riders get to experience a tour through an abandoned coal camp (presumably haunted, in the spirit of Halloween) and see over 125,000 acres of land across Kentucky and eastern Tennessee. The whole family will get to take a trip back in time, and this getaway at the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area looks seriously cool.

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If train rides aren't your jam, you are welcome to drive your own vehicle to Blue Heron, a town in McCreary County that served as a mining camp up until 1962. While there is train fare for the Ghost Train, the tour around the former Blue Heron coal camp is completely free.

You're encouraged to bring a flashlight and will need to walk a short distance upon arrival. Yes, you'll be walking through the dark in an allegedly haunted and abandoned coal town, so this trip's eerie tales are great for history buffs and paranormal seekers alike.

The train departs from the Big South Fork Scenic Railway's Stearns, Kentucky, Depot at 7 p.m. After arrival, guests get to experience some live music before hearing chilling stories about the history of the Cumberland Plateau. Walking around the abandoned Blue Heron Mining Community with nothing but the light from a flashlight is sure to conjure up some eerie feelings. At the very least, you'll hear some creepy sounds while listening to all of the tour guide's stories.

For reservations and info on special events, reach out to Big South Fork Scenic Railway at 606-376-5330 or visit

This story previously ran on Jan. 16, 2020.

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