Kenny Chesney Mourns The Death Of A Close Friend In Emotional Tribute
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Kenny Chesney Mourns The Death Of A Close Friend In Emotional Tribute

Kenny Chesney is mourning a close friend. Taking to social media, the country singer shared a touching tribute to Curtney Chinery, also known as "The Ghost From Jost."

Apparently, Chinery was a local icon in St. John and well-known face. He became good friends with Chesney, who has a house in St. John. Chesney's general island vibes flowed well with Chinery. Chesney said that Ghost was always full of creativity and imagination.

He wrote, "So a very hard goodbye to a close island friend, Curtney Chinnery AKA "The Ghost From Jost." He was a part of island life for so many years. Someone I thought would just always be there. He was so curious and full of imagination and one of the most creative human beings I've ever met. That's how we connected. Creativity. He was a poet among poets and I'm gonna miss him for so many reasons. So goodbye my brother and thank you for your friendship and all the laughs."

In response, several fans sent up their prayers and thoughts for the singer. One wrote, "So sorry for your loss. I love how you love those around you and embrace all they have to teach. May you always feel his spirit refreshing your creativity." Another wrote, "I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope your cherished memories bring you comfort." Yet another wrote, "Such an interesting man. Sorry for your loss. And that little island needs some good vibes sent their way. Too much loss recently."

Kenny Chesney Fans Send Prayers

One fan wrote, "So sorry for your loss. My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions while on the island and he even did a poem for us. He will be so very missed. Rest in peace."

As you can tell, Ghost touched many people's lives. So much so that a Facebook page popped up in his honor. Visitors could share stories from the local icon. The page's description reads, "Friends with the Ghost From Jost, Curtney Chinnery. This group is dedicated to the support of ghost. Feel free to share your pictures, stories, or anything else you would like to about GHOST. You can buy merchandise and stickers to support him, profit goes directly to him."

Following his death, several wrote their memories of him. One wrote, "It's just staggering how many lives he has been part of and didn't even know We have several coconut poems and pics in our home, several car rides and family stories to listen to, numerous pictures from all our visits. The islands are beautiful however our years of visiting always were prioritized of finding the GHOST every time!!! RIH my friend !!!! Gone but never forgotten."