Kenney Chesney Explains Why He Stopped Drinking
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Kenny Chesney Explains Why He Stopped Drinking While Touring

Kenny Chesney is having a blast when he's on tour. The singer just hasn't had a drop to drink. Chesney recently opened up about his decision to cut out alcohol while touring.

Appearing on the Pat McAfee ShowChesney fielded questions from Pat McAfee about how he doesn't drink despite bringing party vibes to his shows. Pat asked him, "How do you not get boozed up every day? Cause you're bringing the party to everybody's life."

Chesney certainly used to enjoy drinks while performing for fans. However, the country singer admitted that age has got the better of him. He said that he couldn't perform if he was drinking every night like he was in 2004.

"Yeah, see but I can't do that boozed up... I used to, like, try to live with the fans and act, I don't know, our life is much different out here now than it was in 2004," he said. "In 2004, I mean it was a barrel of fun. Right, it was. But there became this moment where I had to make a decision. Okay, am I going to do this [signaling a little] or am I going to do this [signaling a lot]? And I got to a point in my life where I couldn't do both. This year we're going to do Gillette. We're going to play three nights at Gillette at the end of the year, so there won't be any partying for Kenny to get through three nights."

Kenny Chesney Hasn't Had A Drink All Year

Chesney explained that he starts to train himself prior to hitting the road. He basically detoxes himself mentally from wanting to party or drink.

"I haven't had alcohol since January 1st. When I start to train to go on the road, you know I'm sitting there, okay, the first week of January and I'm trying to emotionally and mentally think about what it takes of me to be up there and I say 'Okay, I'm not going to drink for awhile, get really lean,' and I measure my food and just get ready cardio wise," he said. "But then it just happened, all of a sudden it's almost July. So, I don't know, it's not that I'm quitting, it's just that I realized for me to go up there on stage and do what I do now at this point of my life, I just don't want them to get all of me I want them to get the best of me. And I can't do that hungover."