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Kenny Chesney's Generous Act Helps Rescue Teenage Brothers Stranded by Hurricane Irma

Kenny Chesney has been vocal about his efforts to help in the rebuilding of both the U.S. and British Virgin Islands after the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma. CNN recently shared the heartwarming story of one of Chesney's most recent selfless acts.

The Bruce brothers, along with their grandfather, survived the devastation Hurricane Irma brought to the island of St. John. After arriving safely in St. Croix, the boys began looking for a way to get to their mother in Philadelphia. With no outgoing flights, it seemed hopeless until an anonymous donor stepped in to help. That anonymous donor donated his private plane to help the boys get to their mother.

In the video, the boys only have one thing to say to that donor - thank you.

We now know that anonymous donor was actually Kenny Chesney. Thanks to his generosity, the boys are safely on their way to Philadelphia and anxiously awaiting a reunion with their mother.

The brothers took cover in the shower inside their family home when Hurricane Irma came sweeping through. The storm tore off the roof off, destroying the home. With nothing left, the boys were rescued by a private boat carrying supplies and evacuees off the island to St. Croix, where they ended up meeting Sue.

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Sue's sons were chartering the boat from St. John. She invited them to stay with her while they began trying to figure out how to get to Philadelphia.

Now safe and sound, the brothers simply say that "one day, this is going to be one hell of a story to tell."

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