Kelly Clarkson Shoots Her Shot at Hot Movie Star
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Kelly Clarkson Shoots Her Shot at This Hot Movie Star

It's hard for most people not to fan themselves when Austin Butler walks in a room. I get it. He parades himself as one of Hollywood's hottest commodities, from Elvis to box office dominance in Dune. Now, he's in The Bikeriders, riding motorcycles and smoking cigarettes. He's cool. Kelly Clarkson sees that very well and shoots her shot on live television.

During his promo run for his new film, Austin Butler and co-star Jodie Comer sits down with Kelly on her talk show. After Austin discusses his love for gambling in dice games, Jodie interjects with another massive hobby of his: pottery. Shortly after, Clarkson's jaw drops.

Kelly Clarkson Loses It After Learning About Austin Butler's Knack For Pottery

The former American Idol winner can hardly contain her shock and awe upon learning this. Perhaps she had this perception of Butler in her head but it all fizzles away at this discovery. Frankly, Clarkson finds it pretty sexy. "You make pottery? Could you be hotter? Like, what the hell?" she jokes. "What? [Do you] save children in your spare time? You volunteer for the Boy Scouts? I'm like, what else, Austin? Like, goodness!"

Austin details how the hobby sparks when he learns in London. Kelly swoons even harder after that. ""That's cool. When you were living in London," she emphasizes. "You know what? You're — this is rude to all men everywhere. No, that's super cool. That's really cool."

The comments overflow with people relating to Kelly shooting her shot in front of the world. One reply reminisces about seeing Austin in a very minor, very early role. "I remember seeing him in Hannah Montana and his episode always being a stand out favorite of mine," they say. "Specifically because even back then I myself had the same thought "could you be hotter?!" about him and he literally had the tiniest role. It's wild to know I've literally been a fan from the jump."

Another viewer speculates what we all saw, "Is it just me or were they flirting????"

Who knows, maybe the newly single Clarkson could create a power couple if Austin Butler is ever on the market.