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Country Singer Shares Tearful Reaction to Being Covered By Kelly Clarkson

Country singer-songwriter Kylie Morgan was near speechless after hearing Kelly Clarkson cover Morgan original "If He Wanted to He Would."

Clarkson sang the song on a May episode of the Kelly Clarkson Show as part of a Kellyoke segment. Clarkson's cleverly-named backing musicians My Band Y'all shone throughout, especially backup singer Jessi Collins.

"I am still shaking," Morgan wrote in the caption of an Instagram reel. "One of the greatest voices in our generation of music sang MY lyrics. There are no words, thank you & beyond [Clarkson] for gracing my song with your angelic voice. Putting this moment on my tombstone."

In 2022, Morgan's way with words elevated her country career. "If He Wanted to He Would" was among the needle-moving selections on her P.S. EP. Morgan co-wrote her breakthrough song with Zandi Holup and producer Ben Johnson.

The lyrics are chock-full of common-sense wisdom: "If he loved you, he would tell you/ If he missed you, he would call/ If he wants you to meet his momma/ Then he would bring you home/ Oh, there ain't no excuse/ He ain't Mr. Misunderstood/ Quit lying to yourself/ If he wanted to, he would/ If he wanted to, he would."

"If He Wanted to He Would's" music video adds more depth to Morgan's storytelling by showing her offer sage advice about matters of the heart to her younger self.

"I'll never forget. Taylor Swift had a song called 'Last Kiss' on one of the prior records," Morgan told her record label. "It was right when I was going through a breakup with my very first love and I played that song over and over and over until I just like cried every single time 'cause I'm like, 'She gets it. I know exactly that feeling.' And so, to be able to be that for someone else is truly a dream come true."

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