Eva Longoria on "The Kelly Clarkson Show"
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Kelly Clarkson and Eva Longoria Go Head to Head Over Which Texas City Has the Best Tex-Mex

Kelly Clarkson and Eva Longoria are both Texans who are passionate about their Tex-Mex cuisine, but they have a difference in opinion when it comes to which city truly has the best Tex-Mex in the state. Clarkson, who hails from Fort Worth, recently had Longoria on The Kelly Clarkson Show as a guest, and the actress stated that her hometown of San Antonio has the best Tex-Mex.

After revealing that she will soon be moving back to her home city, Longoria said, "The best Tex-Mex is in San Antonio and south."

Clarkson, however, subtly refuted this claim, adding, "Or in Fort Worth, whatever."

Longoria then said, "I don't know, Kelly."

After audience members seemed to kindly disagree with Clarkson's claim, the talk show host laughed it off.

"Even he's like, 'No,' and he's Texan," she said, pointing to someone in the audience.

"I'm a 'Texican,' so I know," Longoria said. She later shared that she spends half of her time in her husband José Bastón's home country of Mexico, specifically in Mexico City.

Continuing their Tex-Mex conversation, Clarkson specified that when it comes to queso cheese, she prefers it to be runny, as opposed to thicker, melted cheese.

"I have no time for any queso that's not runny," Clarkson remarked.

Longoria agreed that the large amount of cheese is one of the best aspects of Tex-Mex food, but she says her husband often disapproves of this fact.

"We fight all the time," she says. "He's like, 'That's so much cheese!' I'm like, 'Yes! Hence the reason it's so good."

Clarkson and Longoria also chatted about the actress making her directorial debut with her new movie, Flamin' Hot. The movie tells the story of Richard Montañez, the former Frito Lay janitor who created Flamin' Hot Cheetos with inspiration from his Mexican culture.

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