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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Bring Their Classic Sound to New Track 'Keep Your Eyes On Me'

Fans itching to hear new music from power couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have their first taste. They just released "Keep Your Eyes On Me," a new song for the faith-based movie The Shack. 

And you'll be happy to know "Keep Your Eyes On Me" is vintage Tim and Faith.

The beautiful piano ballad stars soft before eventually crescendoing to a dramatic bridge. Then it drops down briefly before returning to a triumphant finish. A string section and a dramatic nylon guitar solo? Yep, it's in there. No wonder they wrote it for a film — even the production of the song feels incredibly cinematic.

McGraw and Hill enlisted the help of two of the best songwriters in the game: Lori McKenna and Shane McAnally. McKenna wrote Hill's massive award-winning hit "Humble and Kind," while McAnally seemingly writes a hit every other week.

Interestingly enough, "Keep Your Eyes On Me" is the first time Tim and Faith wrote together as a couple. Mission accomplished.

Based on William P. Young's 2007 novel, The Shack follows a depressed man who returns to the scene of his family's murder. And yeah, that sounds pretty heavy for a Christian movie. But the drama is certain to lead viewers to warm and fuzzies at the end.

Thankfully, "Keep Your Eyes On Me" feels like the kind of tune that doesn't even need a backstory. No heavy hands or obvious faith references. Just a good country duet.

It's a good start for the star-heavy soundtrack. Other artists with a song in the film include Lady Antebellum and Brett Eldredge, so expect a few more country tunes coming out of the project. The album drops Feb. 24, which is one week ahead of the film's March 3 release date.

Meanwhile, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are preparing for their massive Soul2Soul tour, which launches one month later on April 7 in New Orleans.

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