Katy Perry Vows to Never Sing This Song Again Thanks to Kelly Clarkson
Photo via Kelly Clarkson Show on YouTube

Katy Perry Vows to Never Sing This Song Again Thanks to Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson may be a talk show host, but she hasn't left her singing behind. The singer often covers other musicians' songs on her segment Kellyoke. This time she took on Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" in a moving display of range and emotions. Clarkson did such a good job with the song that Perry vows to never sing it again.

Whether that's true or an exaggeration on Perry's part remains to be seen. But, it's clear that Perry felt very moved by the cover and wanted Clarkson to know it. "Ok dang I can never sing that again," Perry commented on Clarkson's post.

Fans praised Clarkson for being fearless and daring in the songs that she tackles. One person wrote, "Kelly proving time and time again why she won American Idol Season 1." Another fan pointed out the similarities between Clarkson and Perry. Both went through divorces and are connected now by the song.

They wrote, "This is so moving. Katy wrote and sang this song after her divorce with Russell Brand, showing how she's moved on. Now Kelly is singing it after her divorce, showing how strong she is! My 2 fav female artists!"

Kelly Clarkson Gets Honest

In an interview with People, Clarkson was frank and honest about her marriage to ex-Brandon Blackstock. The singer said she struggled with depression following the divorce.

"When I started writing it, I didn't see it other than: This is my outlet. I'm a let-go person; I don't hold grudges. So it was really delving into what happened in my life and why — and what am I going to do about it?" she said.

"I cannot express how appreciative I feel for having that kind of healthy outlet. Because the level of depression and things that come with divorce or grieving is extraordinarily hard," Clarkson continued. "You feel alone, and it's just a blessing to be able to have that outlet for those emotions that are overwhelming. And then putting it out there is like, 'I'm taking my power back.' That sounds very therapy, but that's because I love therapy, and I think it's important to have those tools to navigate your life and relationships."

However, Clarkson said she has learned to face the challenges and difficulties that come with love and grow from it to be a bigger and better person.

"I've always known that love is hard. For me, love has always come with this elephant in the room of sadness. I've known love is not forever," she said. "I don't mean that to sound depressing, but I think we put a lot of pressure on that word. Sometimes love is looking at someone and going, 'This is not good for you. This is not good for me.' That's a hard thing to face. But when you do, I think you grow."