Katy Perry Has A Special Celebration With Luke Bryan Prepared For Her American Idol Sendoff
Photos By Chris Jackson/Getty Images and ABC

Katy Perry Has A Special Celebration With Luke Bryan Prepared For Her 'American Idol' Sendoff

Katy Perry is going out in style! Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Perry admitted she was going to enjoy a robust afterparty. Afterward, Perry said there was only one way to conclude her memorable American Idol run: by cracking open a cold one with her good buddy, Luke Bryan.

"I'm gonna stay present and take it all in and then have a little afterparty, and Luke and I will finally drink. After seven years, we'll really drink," Perry confirmed. Bryan also shared some thoughts regarding the end of his fellow American Idol judge's journey.

"It will be emotional. We've had, gosh, seven years, spending so much time together," Bryan says. "Me and her and Lionel, we've all leaned on each other... It'll be a little tough knowing that she's not going to be there."

Katy Perry May Be Leaving 'American Idol,' But Who Else Could She Share A Celebratory Drink With?

That's enough with the sad stuff. The real question is: how messed up do you think Perry will be? What do you think her drink of choice is? I'm most curious to learn who else she might be drinking with!

It's not my place to speculate on such intimate affairs. I'll also be honest and admit that personally, I'm only a bit of a social drinker myself. I'll get a little wine cooler or something every so often — nothing too fancy. Or heavy. If I were Katy Perry, there's only one person I'd ever consider for a drinking buddy. This is a major milestone, and I want a major milestone kind of guy to drink with.

If your answer isn't Stone Cold Steve Austin, something's wrong with you. Will everyone be able to drive home that night? No. But will everyone have a story to tell the next day? OH [REDACTED because I'm not trying to get in trouble] YEAH.

On a serious note: you can tell that Katy Perry and Luke Bryan's friendship means a lot to them. Luke Bryan summed it up better than I ever could.

"Seven years later, to have spent so much time with her has been pretty awesome. She's a trip," Bryan recalled. "For me to be a friend of hers through her pregnancy and watching her grow into motherhood from start to finish and just watching how sweet she is to Daisy. It's been a fun ride."